Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hello everyone :) !

Anyone noticed that it has been a teeny bit quiet on my blog recently ?!?! ....... *drops a pin* .

Usually on Etsy June, July and August are quieter months. These are the months in which people are down at the beach, out of the country on holiday or out and about trying to keep the kids entertained so naturally this is a time in which lots of shops (online and also offline) are a little bit quieter. Lots of Etsy sellers use this to their advantage and use the summer as a time to craft like crazy in preparation for the Autumn and run up to Christmas. This year is my second full summer on Etsy so I decided that I would be super prepared this time as I knew what to expect and use the quiet time to my advantage and use it to do lots of craft fairs.........little did I know that summer was to be far from quiet! In fact, July was the busiest month I have ever had in my Etsy shop!!! Was such a lovely surprise and a massive thank you to all my customers. I am really grateful to you all :). This does however explain why my blog has been a bit quiet recently and is looking rather neglected!

This summer has been busy busy busy but I feel that I have been really productive and that my shop is improving in leaps and bounds and in a funny old way this has actually prepared me more for the Christmas period......a mini practice run almost!

I booked a short break to Berlin in advance and have just got back from my holiday there. It actually came at the perfect time and was a great way to relax and unwind after what has been a busy few months. It has given me the chance to rest up a bit and now I hope I will come back with renewed energy for September and ready for the Autumn :).

The Dorothy Days Xx