Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Dorothy Days December so far...

Hello everyone,

Sorry for being rather absent from my blog recently. Life has been rather hectic with craft fairs, vintage markets, lots of online sales! I have also had quite a busy schedule with work and family commitments so my blog has been rather quiet. 

Can't believe it is December and that we are now on the countdown to Christmas! I am so excited. As I have been away for a while I thought I would share with you all how I have spent my December so far......

  • Getting rather excited each morning about a new advent calendar window to open!
  • Drinking lots of tea (surprise surprise!!) to warm up after coming in from outside
  • Making shortbread biscuits for friends and also for our elderly next door neighbour, she looked so happy when we took them over!
  • Doing lots of craft fairs and Christmas markets including Bath vintage market.
  • Iceskating (and I even managed not to fall over!)
  • I spent a whole day making lots of Christmas wreathes to sell which was so much fun!
  • Attempting to learn how to walk in my new Christmas party heels!
  • Going to lots of art exhibitions in London which was fantastic. I went to see the Pre-Raphaelite show in the Tate Britain and also looked around their general collection, the Victorian and Albert (V&A) to see their Venetian works they have the most beautiful glass collection and also have some amazing textiles. I also went to the National Gallery to see some of my favourites.
  • Saw the Christmas tree in Trafalgar square being put up while visiting the National Gallery
  • Went to Jamie Oliver's cafe for Brunch which was AMAZING, the food was so good and it was such a lovely treat.
  •  I have been doing some Christmas shopping both online and offline
  • Going for Christmas cocktails with my friends and family.
  • Lots of nights in with the log fire burning
  • Packaging up items which I have sold on Etsy
  • .....lots of trips to the post office to send all my items to lovely people all across the world.
  • A hilarious night of Pictionary with my friends and family  (who knew that such a simple game could get some competitive?! ) 
  • Walks in the woods at the back of my house with my woolly hat on! etc etc

How have you been spending your December so far and what else do you have planned for before Christmas?