Etsy Educators - Create your shop on in time for the Christmas Rush

This November I will be running an online course to help you "Create your shop on in time for the Christmas rush" 

The course is designed for those who have never sold on Etsy before and will go through the basics of setting up a shop and optimising that shop to make it successful. 

The course will be held online as a series of webinars (web-seminars) and pupils will also have a dedicated online forum which can be used to look at resources and gain additional support. 

Course: Create your creative business in 31 days
Course dates: 1st - 30th November 
Webinar dates: Monday 6th November at 7pm and Monday 20th November at 7pm. Each webinar will last approximately 1 hour 
Cost: £30 
Booking Form:
Facebook event page:

The course will cover:

- Opening your Etsy shop
- Choosing a name for your shop
- Filling in important information such as shop policies
- Photography
- SEO (getting found in search)
- Branding and Marketing
- Shipping etc 

Please note, the course is designed for those looking to set up a shop on and is suitable for brand new Etsy sellers. For those who are already on the platform and are looking to improve their shops, I will be running another series of webinars at a later date so please keep an eye out for them.


What is an Etsy Educator?

An Etsy Educator is an experienced seller on Etsy who has been selected and trained by Etsy UK to run a course for new sellers to the platform. There are a small group of us who have been selected to run events up and down the country.

What is

Etsy is an online platform for selling handmade, vintage and craft supply items. There are over 1M sellers across the world on the platform and over 28M active buyers so it is a great place to sell your wares.

Why your course?

I am an experienced and knowledgable Etsy seller who has been selling on the platform for a number of years and I run a successful shop called The Dorothy Days . I am actively involved in the Etsy community - I run an local Etsy team for sellers based in Dorset and have also helped advise Etsy as part of my role on the Etsy Seller Advisory Board which took me to the Etsy HQ in New York.

What is a webinar?
A webinar is a web-seminar so a seminar which happens online. You will be able to watch me talk and see my presentation and I will also be available to chat to you in a chat box as the presentation is taking place to answer any questions you have.

Will I have to be on-screen on a video or talk in the webinar?

No! Only I will be on screen and talking. Pupils can 
watch and listen and, if you want to, you can also ask questions but this will be done by typing rather than having to speak out-loud. 

Will I have to download any software to join in?

No. The webinar will be in your browser. You will be provided with a link and password when you sign up to the course and you simply follow this link and type in the password to access the webinar. 

What is the support forum?

Throughout October, I will be running a support forum for the course. This is where information, resources and futher discussions can take place. It is a great way for you to connect with other people taking the course and help and support each other in setting up a shop. I will also regularly check in to the forum to help answer your questions and give you support.

Will you be running any other courses in the future?

Yes, I hope to run some more courses in the future. If you would like to register your interest and be first to hear about any courses I am running in the future please sign up HERE

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