Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day from The Dorothy Days

The Dorothy Days 
Happy Mother's Day to all my followers (in the U.K!)

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Anyone doing anything lovely to spoilt their Mum this year?

The Dorothy Days Xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day one of the Team Captain Summit in Berlin 2014

Hello everyone!

Long long day today so I will keep this short!! (sorry!)

Up today at 7am (6am U.K time) and got ready rather excitedly for the first day of the Etsy summit in Berlin. Spent all day talking to other captains, brainstorming ideas, giving ideas and feedback to Etsy and listening to some really inspiring presentations from other team captains. We also had a really useful talk about time management and goal setting which helped so much. Lots of food for thought and I feel like my mind is totally buzzing with new ideas for the Dorset Team! The day has certainly been full on. We started the summit at 9am and finished at 6pm (what a hard working bunch we are!) Mad dash back to my hotel room, showered in about 2 mins, changed for supper and headed back out. We were taken to a surprise location and Etsy had set up an amazing supper for us all! So full from all the tea, cake and other yummy things from the summit but the supper was so delicious I found a bit more room!

Tomorrow we are planning for the April Etsy School project, hearing more team presentations, planning for 2014 ffor the team and having a feedback session with Etsy. We are then getting a look around Etsy Berlin and having some cake! YUM!! Sounds like another very very busy day but I am excited and feel like I am learning loads. Also been wonderful to meet Etsy Admins, they are really nice and enthusastic and very willing to hear our feedback about Etsy and what they can do to help us and to help improve.

I will write a more indepth blog post on my return but for now, here are some photographs from today...

Check out my rather snazzy Team Captain tote bag from Etsy!! Will deffinatly be showing this off in some of my team meetings!

The room all ready for us and the chairs even matched Etsy's colours!

Did someone say breakfast?! Everyone made a dash for the coffee, I of course managed to find myself a tea! 
The space to work in was great, Betahaus in Berlin and Etsy even decorated with its flags!

The Dorothy Days X

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Good Morning Berlin - Etsy summit 2014

Good morning Berlin!!

Just a short post as I am about to head off for breakfast with the other team captains and I have not yet finished getting ready but I thought I would first update you all with a few photos so far :)

Was so tired last night and this bed was so very comfy!! 

Good morning Berlin!
Meeting everyone in the hotel lobby in a bit and going for breakfast together, hungry so looking foward to this!
First day...what to wear?! Desicions desicions! 

Schedule for todays events, a very busy but exciting day by the looks of it!

The Dorothy Days Xx

Friday, 14 March 2014

Etsy Captain's Summit - Berlin 2014

Hello everyone,

I have arrived safely in Berlin for the Etsy Captain's summit.  The flight was okay...did get stuck a few seats in front of a large stag party which wasn't the best but was so tired (a combination of late night packing and an early start) that I slept most of the flight. Managed to navigate across Berlin and didn't get lost...hooray! Checked into the hotel, the rooms are really nice and I have a great view out onto the street below. The hotel has fun little quirky features like a TV that plays a clip of a fire burning everytime you come in! Rather relaxing to look at! The weather looks like it is going to be nice, fingers crossed and Etsy have just posted a little teaser of the conference tomorrow, looks so amazing!

Anyway, as promised here are some photos from my trip so far...

Up bright and early at Gatwick airport but apparently chips at 9am is not a normal thing! Did some tweeting while watching the world go by until McDonalds served chips at 10.30am! 

New notepad for the trip and here are my new business cards that I designed myself, what do you think?

Hello Berlin!! The view from my window 

and the other way...!

The rather weird but wonderful fireplace TV! It crackles and flickers like a real fire.

Super hungry so managed to find a supermarket to get a few snacks....even managed to find some wasabi peas! YUM

Off out to supper tonight to a local resturant to meet everyone, very exciting!

The Dorothy Days Xx

L.O.V.E - A beautiful collection of items on Etsy

Hello everyone,

A little while ago I got featured in this very beautiful and creative treasury on Etsy. A treasury is a collection of items put together by a curator on Etsy. They usually have a theme. This was kindly put together by 'copper life' and I LOVE it! Amazing colours and very creative I thought. Hope you also like it.

'Simply L.O.V.E.' by Copperlife

FREE SHIPPING! Letter L Bar...

Wedding Garter, Purple Brida...

Vintage Industrial Letter V

Purple Brooch Pin. Faux Amet...

Dark Purple Wedding Bridesma...

Tiny Journals: Notebooks, He...

picture with grapes, Purple ...

CRUSH Dark Brown Purple Mine...

leather journal, diary with ...

10 Purple O-Ring adaptares f...

100 rustic scalloped heart w...

Hair accessories hair stick ...

Petite Purple Baby Headbands...

Agate Ring Black Brown Purpl...

Prom Wedding Plum Brown Purp...

Purple Lipstick- Violetta-In...

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Leaving for Berlin tomorrow!

Hey everyone,

So I am off to Berlin tomorrow for the Etsy Captain's summit. So excited!

I have mastered rather skilfully trying to squish everything into a tiny little backpack! So far so good but it is always the last minute things that you add in that are the problem so hopefully will be able to fit everything I need in!

Very excited to meet other team captains and to hear their experiences of leading a team, their ideas and projects they have been involved in. Will also be great to have the opportunity to talk to other Etsy sellers and share tips!

I am taking my iPad with me on the trip and I am planning on taking lots of photos and if I get the chance, also update my blog and Twitter with how the summit is going and what we have been up to. Hopefully these updates will be interesting for other Etsy team captains who couldn't make the summit, other Etsy sellers and also people who do not have Etsy shops or run a team but are interested in Berlin and seeing what I am up to!!

The Dorothy Days

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Dorothy Days - Etsy Captain's Summit

Hello everyone,

Some very exciting news for you all… I am off to Berlin this weekend (well Friday to be exact!) for the Etsy Captain's summit. I run the Dorset Etsy Team and was lucky enough to be one of 30 team captains to be selected to attend the summit in Berlin. I will get a tour of the Etsy Berlin office as well as get to meet other captains who run teams outside of the U.S.

I hope to take lots of photos and will upload them here onto my blog :)

The Dorothy Days

Quote of the week - Dr. Seuss

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you a quote from one of my favourite people to quote.....Dr. Seuss.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of something,until 
it becomes a memory.” 

― Dr. Seuss

Hope that you all have a wonderful week

The Dorothy Days X

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Dorothy Days - vintage and handmade shop

While I have been away from blogging I have been working really hard on adding new items to my shop and expanding the range of items that I sell. I am so pleased to see the shop look fuller and have enjoyed making the new items. I hope to continue to add more items to my shop in different designs and also add different items which I have not had in the shop before. For example, I recently added beautiful vintage glove stretchers, an item that I have never before had listed in my shop. I hope that you shall all like what you find in my shop.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Dorothy Days - Where to find me on the internet!

Hello everyone,

I have so much to update you all on that I don’t really know where to start!! Tricky getting back into blog writing but I hope it will get easier once I get back into the swing of it again.

I thought today I would update you all on where you can find me on the internet as I am now using a range of social media sites.

Please come and take a look at my different social media sites.

My pinterest page has lots of my own items and I also have a board for local Etsy sellers which is well worth taking a look at, so many inspiring local crafters and artists (I am hoping to feature some of them soon on my blog!)

On Tumblr I post lots of sneak previews of items which are about to go up in my shop and I also reblog beautiful items that I find around the internet so if you like beautiful things please come and have a look!

On Wanelo I have some of my own items and also pretty items that I love

Etsy - This is where my shop is based and where you can find all my vintage and handmade pretties! 

Instagram - If you want to see what I have been up to and behind the scenes photos you can find them here. At the moment I see to be posting lots of photographs of yummy food and tea!! This is the best place to find out what I am up to, new items I am about to list and everyday things that make me smile.

Twitter- I am most active on Twitter and use this a lot :) come and say hello! 

The Dorothy Days X

Saturday, 1 March 2014

New month new me? - The Dorothy Days return to blogging!

Hello everyone,

Well it has been a very long time since I last blogged on here (sorry!!!) and I miss it! The shop has been very busy and my Twitter account very active and I have been involved recently in some really interesting projects so I have been finding little time for my blogging and my blog has taken a bit of a back seat. Blogging is something I really enjoy so I have decided to try to start it up again and find time in my day to do some blogging. I miss the lovely comments I used to get from readers and also doing the research of fun things to put on the blog. 

Going to set myself a blogging challenge of 2 posts a week and see how I go from there. Hopefully once it becomes part of my routine I will be able to find time in my week to do it and it will also be something I enjoy doing.

Anyone else setting themselves any blogging goals? Would love to hear from you and what they are, please leave a comment below.

Here is to a fresh blogging start and an active blog!

The Dorothy Days Xx