Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Dorothy Days - Where to find me on the internet!

Hello everyone,

I have so much to update you all on that I don’t really know where to start!! Tricky getting back into blog writing but I hope it will get easier once I get back into the swing of it again.

I thought today I would update you all on where you can find me on the internet as I am now using a range of social media sites.

Please come and take a look at my different social media sites.

My pinterest page has lots of my own items and I also have a board for local Etsy sellers which is well worth taking a look at, so many inspiring local crafters and artists (I am hoping to feature some of them soon on my blog!)

On Tumblr I post lots of sneak previews of items which are about to go up in my shop and I also reblog beautiful items that I find around the internet so if you like beautiful things please come and have a look!

On Wanelo I have some of my own items and also pretty items that I love

Etsy - This is where my shop is based and where you can find all my vintage and handmade pretties! 

Instagram - If you want to see what I have been up to and behind the scenes photos you can find them here. At the moment I see to be posting lots of photographs of yummy food and tea!! This is the best place to find out what I am up to, new items I am about to list and everyday things that make me smile.

Twitter- I am most active on Twitter and use this a lot :) come and say hello! 

The Dorothy Days X

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