Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dorset Team craft fair

Hey everyone,

How did it get to April!? Been so busy over the last few weeks working on the Dorset Team which I run. Since I got back from Berlin for the summit I have made lots of changes to the team and it is exciting how fast things within the team are changing and the progress that has been made in just a few weeks. Also wonderful to see members getting more involved with the team and helping out with the running of it.  There are lots of exciting projects and team events in the pipeline.

Our next team event is the Dorset Team craft fair in May. I am not selling there myself but instead will be there to talk to people about Dorset Team and to spread the word. I can't wait! We have 40 amazing stalls booked, some from Dorset Team members and a few from other local artists and crafters. Going to be such a range of amazing items for sale.

If you are nearby please pop in and say hello and have a browse! Entry is free.

The Dorothy Days Xx