Thursday, 13 March 2014

Leaving for Berlin tomorrow!

Hey everyone,

So I am off to Berlin tomorrow for the Etsy Captain's summit. So excited!

I have mastered rather skilfully trying to squish everything into a tiny little backpack! So far so good but it is always the last minute things that you add in that are the problem so hopefully will be able to fit everything I need in!

Very excited to meet other team captains and to hear their experiences of leading a team, their ideas and projects they have been involved in. Will also be great to have the opportunity to talk to other Etsy sellers and share tips!

I am taking my iPad with me on the trip and I am planning on taking lots of photos and if I get the chance, also update my blog and Twitter with how the summit is going and what we have been up to. Hopefully these updates will be interesting for other Etsy team captains who couldn't make the summit, other Etsy sellers and also people who do not have Etsy shops or run a team but are interested in Berlin and seeing what I am up to!!

The Dorothy Days

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  1. Sounds so exciting! Keep us updated on the blog with how it goes, enjoy Berlin, it's a wonderful city.


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