Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day one of the Team Captain Summit in Berlin 2014

Hello everyone!

Long long day today so I will keep this short!! (sorry!)

Up today at 7am (6am U.K time) and got ready rather excitedly for the first day of the Etsy summit in Berlin. Spent all day talking to other captains, brainstorming ideas, giving ideas and feedback to Etsy and listening to some really inspiring presentations from other team captains. We also had a really useful talk about time management and goal setting which helped so much. Lots of food for thought and I feel like my mind is totally buzzing with new ideas for the Dorset Team! The day has certainly been full on. We started the summit at 9am and finished at 6pm (what a hard working bunch we are!) Mad dash back to my hotel room, showered in about 2 mins, changed for supper and headed back out. We were taken to a surprise location and Etsy had set up an amazing supper for us all! So full from all the tea, cake and other yummy things from the summit but the supper was so delicious I found a bit more room!

Tomorrow we are planning for the April Etsy School project, hearing more team presentations, planning for 2014 ffor the team and having a feedback session with Etsy. We are then getting a look around Etsy Berlin and having some cake! YUM!! Sounds like another very very busy day but I am excited and feel like I am learning loads. Also been wonderful to meet Etsy Admins, they are really nice and enthusastic and very willing to hear our feedback about Etsy and what they can do to help us and to help improve.

I will write a more indepth blog post on my return but for now, here are some photographs from today...

Check out my rather snazzy Team Captain tote bag from Etsy!! Will deffinatly be showing this off in some of my team meetings!

The room all ready for us and the chairs even matched Etsy's colours!

Did someone say breakfast?! Everyone made a dash for the coffee, I of course managed to find myself a tea! 
The space to work in was great, Betahaus in Berlin and Etsy even decorated with its flags!

The Dorothy Days X


  1. Thanks for such a great post Rachel - it was a fabulous weekend & you have described it perfectly :)

  2. Thanks Paula, it was wonderful to meet you at the summit. Really enjoyed the weekend


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