Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Inspiring Quote - Etsy Summit in Bristol - Small Actions

Hey everyone,

Rather weary today after a super busy weekend at the U.K Etsy Summit in Bristol which I attended. It was so much fun and I came back with a note book full of ideas and feeling inspired. Realise that I missed yesterday's quote of the week post which I normally share an inspiring quote. I was so inspired the whole weekend listening to what all the other U.K teams have been up to. The U.K Etsy community is growing really fast and there are some wonderful established teams as well as some fantastic emerging ones.

One quote from the weekend which really inspired me was during a talk by Erin who is from Etsy in Canada. She was talking about the Etsy community and collaboration and it was one of the presentations which really stuck with me

During her talk on community she said....

and then used this youtube clip to demonstrate what she meant. It is well worth a watch, not only is it a beautiful clip but also has a fantastic message.

If you are interested in what happened at the U.K summit please keep checking back on my blog as I will be posting more updates.

Have a great week and hope that some of you will be able to do a small action which will make a big difference to someone else this week whatever that may be.

The Dorothy Days X

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  1. My brain is buzzing like mad after the weekend!



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