Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Monday Motivation - Learning something new....how to draw for people who believe they can't draw!

Hi everyone,

So last week I shared with you all a video from a Tedx talk and today I thought I would share with you all another one. A lot of their videos are quite short and also uplifting so I often watch them in my lunch break or first thing in the morning to get the day going.

This talk by Graham Shaw particularly appealed to me as I am always saying that I would love to be able to draw but I am awful at drawing.

He teaches you how to draw really simple cartoon characters to prove that anyone can draw.

Stickmen and women are about my limit (!) so I was intrigued to try.

Here is my very first drawing.... it is no masterpiece but not tooooo shabby for a first attempt and was a lot of fun giving it a go. When I attempt to draw I end up waving the pen or pencil in front of the page for ages and being indecisive so I quite liked that with this you have to be quite quick and decisive about it and can't think too hard about it. 

If you do watch the video and give it a go I would love to see your drawings, please upload a picture to either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag me in it (@thedorothydays) 

My first attempt of drawing a cartoon character!
 Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. Always fun to start the week on a positive and learn something new! Will be back next Monday with some more Monday Motivation. 

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