Sunday, 29 July 2012

Handmade hair grips/ bobbypins by The Dorothy Days

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious sunshine. I have been really enjoying sitting outside for breakfast and having tea and toast in the garden, feels great to be out in the fresh air and I can't believe how hot it is even in the morning! The sun has already made my hair much blonder and all my freckles have come out! I love the summer so much but I am torn between spending all my time sat outside in the garden in the sunshine or watching the Olympics.

Last night's opening ceremony was amazing,  felt so proud to be British. There was so much to see, it must have been amazing to be there. The music was really great too. Today I watched some of the swimming and gymnastics which was really enjoyable. What events did everyone else watch ? and which events shall you be following ?

In between sitting in the garden and watching the Olympics, I did some creating for my Etsy shop and made some hair grips/slides (bobby pins) which match my new rose earrings.

I am selling them in sets of three and they come on a hand stamped gift tag as I thought it looked pretty and also meant that people could give them as an alternative to a card or could write their own message on them if they were giving them as gift. It is also a nice way to store them.

What do you all think ? Would love to hear your feedback on them.

Here is the link to them in my store and I have also uploaded a photograph of one in my model's hair.

Observant readers will also notice that I have changed my blog background to white. I would love your opinions on the new look as well, I thought it looked a bit 'fresher'? Love it or loathe it, please let me know :).

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend

The Dorothy Days Xx


  1. I love the hair bobby pins. And I took a look at your earrings. Might not wear the bobby pins with the earrings, but I just might have to put them on my Christmas list. And I love the new background. Though, it took 3 tries to load your page. Don't know if it was your page or my computer.

  2. I think it's a great idea to put them on a card. This makes it easy if your doing a gift bag full of goodies.

  3. I do love these cooler and less humid temps that we've been having. It is nice to sit out by the pool on the deck.

    The hair clips are beautiful.

  4. Very cute and perfect for tea in the garden!

  5. I love the bobby pin and especially love that you put it on a the hand stamped tag. It's a cute packaging and easy to give as a gift. I like the white background on your page. Enjoy the sunny days!


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