Saturday, 11 August 2012

New items in The Dorothy Days vintage and handmade shop

Hello everyone :),

For the last few days I have been busy crafting and also adding new items to my Etsy shop. It has been lovely weather for crafting and I have been sat outside in the garden making the new bits for my shop. I thought I would share with you all today some of my new items in my shop as I am super excited about having them listed !

I really hope you like them :)

 First up are these lovely vintage shoe stretchers. They are in great condition and can either be used as they are intended (to stretch shoes and stop them getting crumpled) or would look beautiful displayed. They are a men's size 8 (size stamped on the back). Please take a look at my vintage shoe stretchers here

I also listed this delightful vintage tea set. This teaset is made from English bone china and has such a dainty and delicate floral pattern. It is truely lovely!! The tea set comes with teacup, saucer and cake plate all of which are gilt which adds to their elegance. Drinking tea from this teacup would certainly make you smile Please take a look at it here

One of my favourite colours is this retro ice blue colour so I couldn't resist making some hair clips (bobby pins) in this colour! I am selling them in little packs of three and they will come on one of my handmade gift tags so are easy to give as gifts and you can write a message if you want. They are super cute for going back to school!! I am also selling them in a light pink colour :)
Please click here to have a look at my retro blue hair clips

I also made some matching earrings which you can see if you click here.

What do you all think !?

I hope that you like them and that you are all having a great weekend

The Dorothy Days X


  1. The vintage tea set is so beautiful! I'm a huge fan of all that is dainty and classic :)

  2. Love the Tea set, I am mad for good English tea and a proper cup to drink it from!

    Earth Goods For The Spirit

  3. I love the color of the earrings.Such a pretty aqua. Very nice. :)

  4. All so beautiful but I do especially admire your pretty clips with the handmade tag! You've certainly been busy.

  5. Love the hair clips. Great color too.

    1. I am rather in obsessed with these colours at the moment!

  6. I love the teacup you have there and it looks like you have been very productive :) glad to see new items coming out soon for your shop.

    1. Thank you :) ! Trying to add new items more regularly

  7. I love the tea set! What a great find! I am also a big fan of the retro ice blue for the earrings.


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