Thursday, 9 August 2012

Something beautiful for you all to enjoy

Hello everyone :),

I hope you enjoyed my Olympic blog post :) . Thank you to everyone who has left me lovely comments on my blog recently, it has made me smile :). Can't believe we are already half way through the week....where has it gone !? Feels only like yesterday that I was writing the last Feature Friday blog post!!

This week has been another busy one, I have sorted through a mountain of paperwork which wasn't the most exciting task but it was a really good feeling when I had finished! I have also ticked some things off my To Do list but every time I cross something off it seems like I add another few to dos on! With all this paperwork and chores my tea consumption seems to have gone through the roof!

On the 15th of August shall be my shop's first year anniversary on Etsy, so excited about that and how far I have come since first getting the business online. Thank you to everyone who has supported my little business :), I really appreciate it.

I found a wonderful video tonight which is of an artist who did a art installation in Singapore Art Museum. The installation included hand painting flowers and other designs onto the floors and columns using stencils.

This video shows the time lapse over the 10 days it took to produce. The idea is that people walk over the flowers and the pigments and paints used to create the work will slowly fade, this has symbolic meanings and is meant to remind us of the transient nature of life.
If anyone is reading from Singapore, the exhibition is open until the 12th August so go and check it out!

I would really love this to be my bedroom, just put a lovely big bed in the middle of the room and it would brighten up any morning (even Monday mornings!!) by seeing this when you woke up. I think it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.


How amazing was that ?! Hope you enjoyed it :)

The Dorothy Days Xx

P.S: To see more videos like this and other beautiful things I have found on the internet please take a look at my facebook page . I am adding up beautiful images and little things I find to my page for you all to enjoy :).


  1. Yes, I would love to have flowers painted all over my bedroom. Too bad these painted flowers fade after so much work have gone into making them so pretty!

  2. Wow, that is impressive, espcially when you can see how it started off, and the fact that it is all handpainted. Amazing, and beautiful!


  3. Wow! That is an impressive amount of patience for being bent over on the ground for 10 days. Beautiful!

  4. It was interesting to see the regular motion part where they are making the flowers. I wonder what the medium is? Looked like they were sprinkling the color on and them maybe heating it or rolling it?

  5. WOW! What work! Very impressive stuff. It's absolutely beautiful! I just wish they would have shown how the incorporated the girl into the art installation. Wait- I just realized that's a live person. Nevermind. That's what I get for being up at 2:00 am! :P



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