Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A busy week so far...and fog....lots of fog!

Hello everyone :) ,

Hope that you have been having a great week so far. I feel like I have got lots done this week already :) ! On Sunday I am going to Bath Vintage Market so I have been busy preparing. I have been carefully wrapping up tea cups for the journey, making more jewellery, labelling items and just making sure I have everything ready. Really excited about going. If anyone is in or near Bath at the weekend please be sure to come, the vintage market is great fun. There are lots of amazing stalls with vintage and handmade items and sells everything from clothes to records and from vintage furniture to Dorothy Days tea cups!!! For anyone interested it is held at Green Park Station :).


This week I have been waking up early so that I can try and get as much fitted into my day as possible! It is really strange waking up when its still quite dark outside and this week it has been extra strange as England has been covered in a very thick fog. In the mornings with the winter light and thick fog there has been an almost magical feel where everything that looked familiar suddenly looks rather strange and new .... its a little bit like when it snows :)

Here are some photos from the BBC sent in by readers to show the fog which we have been having this week in the U.K

Click here to see !

and here is the latest weather forecast for the U.K taken from the MET office.. I thought it might make some of my followers who live in sunnier climates laugh!

Hope you all have been having a good week so far. What has the weather been like in your part of the world ?

The Dorothy Days x


  1. I like how neat that fog picture looks, Thank you for following my blog, I wish to pass on the Sunshine Blogger award to you.

    Congrats and Thanks again

  2. That photo does look magical, a bit spooky and even quite pretty and peaceful. Our days have been voggy here in Hawaii (volcanic air yuck) - I'd like to be playing in your mist.

    Have a great time at the market1


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