Monday, 5 November 2012

Inspirational quote of the week - Wayne Gretzky

Hello everyone :) ,

Happy Monday!!! Feels very strange here in England as it is so dark and cold and there is a proper wintery chill in the air. I am starting to get really excited about Christmas now. The light have been going up in town ready to be switched on for December and I am crafting like crazy at the moment so I can be prepared for my Christmas craft fairs which are coming up and also have enough stock in my shop for the Christmas rush. My blog has had loads of views from Russia recently so a big hello to all my Russian followers and readers :). I have also had a lot of views in my shop from Russia and so I have decided to try and make it easier for my Russian shoppers and added Russia to the shipping locations at the bottom of some of my items. I am always happy to ship worldwide but not all of my items have all the locations I ship to listed (please contact me for a quote). So far all my earrings now have a shipping price to Russia to make it easier for my Russian shoppers :) hope this helps. I will hopefully add shipping to Russia on all my tea cups as well but please contact me in the meantime for quote :)

 Quote of the week for this week I was really pleased to stumble across and I thought it was a really great and inspiring quote. It is by Wayne Gretzky who was a Canadian ice hockey player and one of the greatest players ever.

His quote is both true for sport and for life in general. I hope this quote inspires you all this week :)

" You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take."

—Wayne Gretzky

The Dorothy Days  Xx


  1. Great quote! Good to take risks!

  2. How true on the quote!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. A quote that is so true. Sometimes a bit scary to think that you might miss though. Sounds like you are working very hard for the holidays. I hope you are having fun and wish you much success at the craft fairs. Please let us know how you do. It's great to be able to ship world wide. I just added that option to my shop too.

  4. Great quote, hope you are doing well with the new shipping site as well.


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