Thursday, 15 November 2012

Some tea facts!

Hello everyone :)

Hope that you all have been having a good week :) . As most of you will know, I am rather obsessed with tea! I thought it would be fun this week to feature some tea facts on my blog for all you big tea drinkers out there.....anyone love tea as much as me ?!

But I think the best fact of all is that tea always tastes better from a beautiful vintage tea cup.....FACT!!! 

Hope you all enjoyed this feature
The Dorothy Days :) Xx


  1. I may be a contender for most tea consumed! I have at least three cups a day and more if I can get away with it. That was an interesting fact about Tibetans putting salt and butter in tea. That actually sounds pretty good to me. Fun post!

    1. Glad to have a tea drinking contender!! My tea drinking varies, when I am preparing for a craft fair or vintage fair my tea consumption seems to rocket and I drink an insane amount of tea a day! I am going to one this weekend so at the moment I am going through tea like crazy!!!

  2. Interesting information and graphics! I, myself, enjoy hot green tea and drink sweet iced tea all day long. Hmm...but salt and butter in tea...I need to think about that.

    1. I am deffinatly more of a fan of hot tea than cold tea but iced tea is still really nice :).

      I have tried the pickled tea before. It is an unusual taste and feels weird to be eating tea not drinking it but it is not unpleasant although perhaps an accquired taste! Never tried the salt and butter in tea though!!

  3. Fun facts! I'm addicted to Ice tea myself :)

    I'd like to invite you to join in the Meet & Greet Blog Hop! This will be a weekly Sunday & Monday event, link up and join in the fun! :)


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