Monday, 23 September 2013

Jane Austen's ring

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I am in a very happy mood this afternoon. There are a few reasons for this.....firstly because the sun is shining and it is a really beautiful day here in Brighton, secondly because I have been sat in the sunshine making lovely jewellery all afternoon for the shop and for my craft fairs and finally.....what has made my day is the news about Jane Austen's ring. 

For those who don't know about the ring or the campaign.....

The ring you see in the photograph below is the absolutely stunning ring which was owned by Jane Austen. It is made from gold and turquoise and is simple but beautiful. It is one of only 3 known pieces of jewellery owned by Jane Austen. The ring has been passed down the Austen family first to Jane's sister Casandra who then gave it to her sister in law Eleanor Austen. It was then passed through the family until it was sold at Sothebys last year.  The ring was sold for just over £150,000 in this auction and the winning bid was Kelly Clarkson from American Idol. It was however seen as such as precious and culturally important piece that it was put on a temporary export ban by our Culture Minister in the hope that enough money could be raised so it could stay in the U.K. The campaign worked really hard to try and raise and funds and  today managed to raise enough money for this to happen so the ring is staying here in Britain. Such incredibly exciting news. I do feel sorry for Kelly Clarkson but am so glad that the ring is staying here for the public to enjoy. It is going to go on display on valentines romantic is that?!
 Photo is not my own and I take no credit for it. Photo credit: PA via the Telegraph

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