Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Brighton Pavilion

Hello everyone,

Ages ago I wrote a little bit about Brighton (where I live) and posted photographs from different locations around the city. I promised that I would do a blog post in the future about some of my favourite places in the city. Today I went out and actually visited one of my favourite places in the city, Brighton Pavilion again as they have a new exhibition called Regency, Colour and Beyond which I wanted to go and see. My trip to the building  jogged my memory about this promise I had given you all so I hope you do enjoy this blog post and if you do I would really appreciate if you could leave a little comment in the comment box below so I know whether to do more of these style posts or not!!

Brighton Pavilion is one of the most amazing buildings that I have seen, it is beautiful and over the top in the most wonderful way! I remember getting off of the bus the first time I came to Brighton and looking up and suddenly seeing this amazing building which looks like it has been transported from another place because of Eastern and particularly Indian and Chinese influences. The building work was done in stages between 1787 and 1823 and was used as a Royal pleasure palace.

Photograph - Steve Slater
 I go past it all the time now but it still does not loose its wow- factor. I always stop and admire it for a while before carrying on into town.

Photo credit - Duncan
In the summer time it is lovely as everyone goes down and sits in the gardens around the Pavilion with friends and there is always musicians playing so it is a really nice place to go and sit.

I didn't actually go into the building until about a month after I moved to Brighton and really didn't know what to expect from the interior. Was it going to be in a similar style to the outside? Was it going to be quite plain in comparison? Was it going to have a traditionally English interior to juxtapose with the exterior? Was it going to be highly decorated? I really wasn't sure.

One thing is for sure, I don't think I ever expected to see what I found when I went through the doors. Highly decorated is somewhat of an understatement!!

Photo credit - Richard Rutter

This is a photograph of the Music Room. Every inch is decorated. It has huge velvet drapes, floral lighting and golden dragons 

Photograph - Richard Rutter

This is another photograph of the Music Room and shows the ceiling which is made up of thousands of gilded tiles.

Photo  Herry Lawford

This is where the Prince Regent would have entertained his guests and held lavish parties.
I do love the dining room and the music room but I think my favourite part of the building is the upstairs rooms. Here they are slightly less over the top but decorated in the most wonderful colours and patterns.
Herry Lawford

This for example is one of the staircases! The staircase itself is bamboo effect and then it has this wonderful pink and blue wall paper with a tree and birds.

Hope you have enjoyed the mini tour of one of my favourite places in Brighton!

The Dorothy Days 


  1. I was in Brighton two years ago for a short trip and this pavilion is second thing which has left bright in my memories. Unfortunately we passed by this building in late evening and didn't visited it, but I was just standing next to fence and wondering, who beautiful building it is and how much it reminds a Taj Mahal in India (only in different scale)...
    Brighton is really nice city, I wish I could visit it again some day!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I really enjoyed reading it. So happy to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Brighton and also admired the pavilion. Shame you didn't get to go inside. Did you see it when it was all lit up? Looks so pretty then.

    Hope you get to return to Brighton at some point and see the interior

    The Dorothy Days


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