Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Dorothy Days - Tea cup necklace with blue flower charm

Do you love tea....or are you more of a coffee fan?! As you might have probably realised I am a big tea fan so I couldn't resist making some tea themed jewellery and started making these tea cup necklaces. They have proved to be really popular with both tea and coffee fans and so I have started to make them with different colour flower charms. This is my blue flower charm necklace, all the different colours are listed in my shop. Please click here to take a look to have a look at my blue flower necklace. The flower is removable so can be worn alone on the necklace or with the tea/ coffee cup and the teacup/ coffee cup can also be worn alone.

The necklace has a vintage look about it and would make a fantastic gift for a tea/ coffee lover or just someone who likes quirky jewellery!

The Dorothy Days Xx

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