Friday, 4 November 2016

Some of my favourite things from the Dorset Team Christmas Fair 2016

With less than 1 month to go to the Dorset Team Christmas Fair  I wanted to share with you all the makers that I am really looking forward to seeing at the event.

I am hoping to buy as many gifts as possible from local makers this year as it means I can get some really unique gifts that the recipient will really treasure and at the same time support local businesses, something that is so important.

If you are local, please do come along to the event, there are 70 different stalls so a great selection of different crafts and products and many sellers are bringing along fair exclusives. Many sellers are also taking part in a Buy and Collect promotion where you can purchase online in advance of the event and collect free of charge on the day. Find out more here:

I love these cards by Katie Rewse from Sea Blue Designs. I wish my hand writing was that beautiful...!

New for 2016 is Love from Hetty & Dave run by Zoe. How cute are these bee necklaces?!

I normally visit Lynn's stall to see her incredible beaded jewellery but this year I am really excited to also see her new collection of hand stamped vintage cutlery some of which have been made into plant labels and others which have been made into beautiful wind chimes. Find Lynn's shop here

Beautiful pendant necklaces by Little Vagaries  each has been hand painted!

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a sparkly glitter bow! I bought one of these last year in gold and love wearing it especially around Christmas time Add some glitter to your Christmas...!


Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!! 

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  1. Some great gift ideas - something for everyone. Thanks for sharing! Christmas is fast approaching, so it’s good to start thinking about gift ideas. So many great reasons to be in Dorset this Christmas!


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