Friday, 13 January 2017

Short Film Friday - Gabriel - An inspirational short film about athlete Gabriel Neris

Hooray for Friday! Hope you all had a fantastic week and that you are looking forward to the weekend.

For this week's Film Friday I wanted to share with you all a film called Gabriel which is a short film about 16-year-old Gabriel Neris, a determined para-athelete, on his way to competing at Tokyo 2020. He was made famous after he completed a 100m race, even though his prosthesis had fallen off.

GABRIEL from Pudim on Vimeo.
Gabriel Neris is a 16 years old para-athlete who's not afraid of pursuing his dreams.

He got famous after losing his prothesis in the middle of a 100m competition in São Paulo, Brazil.
Even under a lot of pain, he made a way to reach the finish line.

This film dives inside Gabriel's life and background, leading us through his fellings and motivations.

Directors: Douglas Bernardt and Squarehead
Director of Photography: Lucas D. Oliveira

Produced by Stink São Paulo
Hope that you enjoy the film, it is beautiful shot and produced and is also a really inspirational story.

Have a great weekend 

The Dorothy Days Xx

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