Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shop updates and earrings earrings earrings!

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and for those of you in the U.K, I hope you enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted! This weekend I visited a friend in Cambridge, it was wonderful to spend a few days away and I always enjoy visiting new places. Cambridge is beautiful and I don't know why I have never visited before! I shall have to make a trip up there again soon :).

This week I shall be preparing for some of the vintage markets and fairs that I will be doing over the summer. I will be busy sorting my stock and putting on labels which is often much more time consuming than it sounds! Then there is also the task of trying to fit it all in the car!!!

I have also been looking into ways to display my items as when my stall gets crowded it can be quite difficult to see some of the smaller items such as my jewellery. At the moment I usually display my earrings and other pieces of jewellery on card in vintage bowls and boxes which looks pretty but isn't always that practical!! I have decided to buy myself an earring display stand to display all my earrings. It is quite tall and square and rotates so looks a little bit like a card stand. It is in an antique copper tone so looks really pretty but is also much more practical as it means more than one person will be able to view my earrings at a time. I can't wait for it to arrive, I shall take some photographs when I get it to show you all :).

There is enough room for 96 pairs of earring so I better get making some more!! I have sold quite a few of my earrings online already and also they have been really popular offline at the craft and vintage fairs I have been going to. At the moment I am selling two styles of earrings (both studs)....
one style is made of fabric
Green polka dot spot earrings which are currently for sale in my shop. click here to view

Pink and Green fabric earrings which were inspired by English Rose colours click here to view

 and the other designs are made from resin.

Such as these summer surfer chick earrings which have been featured on several online surfing magazines click here to view

How cute are these bird earrings ?! click here to view

and here is a photograph of my model wearing a pair (which I then gave to her as a thank you as she loved them so much and she did such a great job modelling them ! )

I really love these designs and was really pleased with how they came out. As my earrings are handmade I like to limit how many I produce. I think this makes them feel more special to own and much more unique if there are only a limited number made. I have a few pairs in my shop at the moment and a few pairs left for taking to my craft show but after that I will not be making any more in this design so if you love them....grab them while you can!

In the next few weeks I shall work on making some new pairs of earrings in a different style to the ones you see on my site at the moment. I want to keep it a surprise what the earrings are going to look like but they will be quite different. I will post a sneek preview on here soon of the new style earrings so you can all be first to see them before they go up on my Etsy site and before they go to my upcoming craft fair. Exciting stuff!!! I can't wait to start making them :) !

Thanks for reading

The Dorothy Days
 (Vintage and Handmade)


  1. Beautiful earrings! I really like the flower pair. Good luck with your new designs!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :). I started making some of the new earrings today!

  2. Good luck with your summer shows! I enjoyed checking out your Etsy shop.

  3. The earrings looks great. I think the flower ones are my favorite, too (like Amy).

    1. Hello :) Thanks so much, I am rather fond of the flower ones too!

  4. The earrings are fabulous. I'm glad that you're doing well with your sales. Wishing you continued success!

  5. Your earrings are really pretty!
    At the moment I show mine on a cake stand but I think - like you - I need to move onto something a bit more practical :)

    1. They do look pretty on things like that don't they ? I shall let you know if I find the earring stand much more useful :)

  6. Yes, putting on labels is so time consuming! I'm so glad you found you an earring display you like. I really think that is the hardest thing to find. Necklace stands=easy. Earrings=the worst. I made my earring displays, but I'm looking for something better. I think I'm going to try shutters.

  7. I can't wait to see your display! Good luck, sell a lot! I love the earrings. The only way I'll wear post earrings is if they are a nice size like the ones you make. Very pretty!

  8. Your trip sounds lovely!!! And the eating stand is an excellent idea. We really loved looking at the new designs you've created. Day or evening, these earrings are perfect!


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