Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday- English Rose

Hi everyone,

I have decided to start up a Wordless Wednesday post which shall be when I post a photograph or series of photographs for you all to enjoy :). I thought it would be a nice new feature of the blog.

Thank you everyone who followed me on twitter this week. I have now reached 340 followers which I am thrilled about and just posted my 500th tweet! If you haven't already done so and would like to follow me on twitter please click the little 't' button in the top right hand corner and it will take you to my twitter page.

Other important news (and then I promise I will be quiet and get on with WORDLESS Wednesday!)  is that Facebook have unfortunately changed their settings again. This means that even if you have liked my facebook page my status updates will not appear in your news feeds unless I pay a small fortune! This is affecting small businesses like myself. So if you would like to still receive facebook updates and my statuses, vintage videos and blog update reminders please hover over the 'like button' and click 'show in news feeds'. Please also pass on the message and support small businesses by clicking to receive my feeds. Thank you !!!

Here is my first Wordless Wednesday post for you all to enjoy:

Hope you enjoy this photograph I have taken

The Dorothy Days

P.S Please remember that all photographs are copyrighted so please do not reuse them or take them from my site. Thank you!

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