Friday, 8 February 2013

Spring is here- Lambs!

Hey everyone :)

Hope that you have all had a wonderful week. Can't believe that it is the weekend already!! This week has been an exciting one because spring finally feels like it is here. I have spotted my first snowdrops, the sun has had his hat on for the last few days and the sheep on my friend's farm have had lambs! I am hopefully going to go and see them next week. There are 5 so far and more to come exciting is that?!
Here is a photograph of them when they are about 1 hour old, they are so cute. Hopefully get loads of photographs for you all when I go and stay next week :)

Hope that you like the photograph and thank you all for continuing to follow my blog :).

What have you all been up to this week?

The Dorothy Days Xx


  1. So adorable. I feel the need to hug something. Hooray for spring!

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  2. Congratulations! They are absolutely adorable! As far as my week, nothing as exciting as newborn lambs, but looking forward to finishing up on a couple of paintings that have been on my easel this week. :)

  3. It is spring in North Carolina too. At least it feels like it. I have two hundred tomato seedlings with incipient tertiary leaves, so I'll be transplanting them into larger pots and cold framing them soon. I hope the season continues to favor you.

    1. Oh wow!! Looks like you are going to be really busy!! Hope you are enjoying Spring though :)


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