Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The royal baby has arrived!

What a wonderful day....!
Congratulations to William and Kate :) !

Spent the last few days as everyone has, waiting for news on the royal baby. Yesterday was so exciting.... when news spread that Kate was in labour everyone was glued to the news and checking the news whenever possible! I have been trying to prepare for my next fair and have been out in the garden as it has been sunny labeling stock but dashing in for cups of tea and news updates. When the news was announced that Kate had had the baby twitter went crazy and there was such a lovely atmosphere here in the village. Flags have been hung out the windows of a few of the houses and everyone seems in really high spirits trying to guess what the name of the baby will be. Henry? George? Albert? Louis?

I thought she was going to have a little girl but was obviously wrong!! I think they might give him a modern (ish) first name and then family names from both sides for his middle names. Possibly George Albert for his middle names I think!

Switched on the news at 6pm today after being out all day and then back for a online lesson and reporters were lined up waiting for news on the baby, felt like forever that we were staring at those same doors of the hospital waiting to see the new baby prince. When the doors finally opened it was such a wonderful moment and so lovely to see such proud parents with their new son :). Love how he did his first little royal wave!! Certainly a day that I will always remember.

Got rather excited on Twitter (oooops!). Sorry for all the excited updates....what can I say....I was excited!! Also funny to see that London has been so wet and rainy today, it has been bright and sunny and beautiful all day here in Dorset. Was weird seeing photos of soaked reporters!!

So much excitement and happiness in the air at the moment :) it is lovely. Feels like it did around the royal wedding, the olympics and the jubilee :).

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