Saturday, 20 July 2013

A little update....

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Sorry for my lack of posting, it is craft and vintage fair season so I have been rushing around preparing, packing and off to fairs! It has been hard work with lots of early mornings but I have been enjoying it. It has also given me an opportunity to meet lots of you which has been fantastic, thank you to everyone who has come to my stall and said hello :). The Dorset Team craft fair was a really great day. Such a great venue and I got to meet so many lovely local sellers and local people which was lovely :). I was really pleased with how the stall looked as I have been working hard on new displays for the stall and I was also thrilled at the end of the day when I won the raffle....not once....but twice!!! I have also been pleasantly surprised that quite a few people have come to the stall and said they are already following me on Twitter, know my shop and are reading my tweets. Thanks to everyone who has come over and introduced themselves, so nice to meet some of my Twitter followers in person and thrilled that people are recognising my shop :).

I have one of my biggest fairs of the year next week which I am very excited about and just crossing my fingers that the weather is going to stay nice as it has been so beautiful and hot recently. I am outside so I hope there is not going to be any rain!!!

As well as doing craft and vintage fairs I am of course still running the online shop and have actually been adding quite a few new items to the shop recently :). I am also running a SALE at the moment!

For this month only I am offering 10% off and a free gift with purchases over £10 (please see my shop for details)

I am also offering the biggest discount I have ever ever offered on my tea cups and at the moment I am offering a HUGE 50% off all my vintage tea cups. This means that some my vintage tea cups are as little as £7  which works out at just $10 !!! To take advantage of this discount please visit my shop, the prices you see listed are the full prices. Enter the coupon code TEACUPOFFER50 into the checkout and you will automatically get 50% off of the tea cup (or cups) that you order. Happy shopping :)

The Dorothy Days

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  1. networking is amazing! Must be great for both you and your Twitter fans to be able to put a real person behind those tweets. Sounds like you have a nice community going there - in "real" life and online. Wishing you continued success! Jayne


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