Saturday, 13 December 2014

Winter Decor - Christmas decorations

Winter Decor: Deck the Halls

Hello everyone,

Really enjoying writing my Christmas countdown, it is really getting me excited for Christmas. I hope that you are all enjoying reading it! Today I thought I would share with you this wonderful winter themed interior which is great for inspiration for decorating your home this Christmas. For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, I hope that there is also some interior design ideas for you for the winter season. One of the things I like about this collection is that the decorations aren't overly 'Christmassy' and they are more subtle. Not only does this add to the design element but it also means that you can keep some of decorations out for general use after the holiday period is over. I love the stars and these could certainly be kept all year round if you wished. I also love the deer pillow and again that could be something that was kept all year round if you wanted to. The Christmas tree mug is so sweet, I would love to drink my tea from that but my favourite item in this collection has to be the coffee tables. They look as if they are made from pallets with wheels attached, what a wonderful idea and great way to reuse and recycle something that often gets thrown away or chopped up.

12 days to go….!

The Dorothy Days

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