Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A productive May and only 5 days in!

Hello everyone!

Wow, what a busy May it has already been and we are only 5 days in! Did you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday? Hope you all had a relaxing one and got to spend it doing things you enjoy.

My bank holiday was really busy. I spent the weekend doing shop things and Monday relaxing.

I have high hopes for this month so here is what I have been up to and achieved in the first few days of May, here's hoping May is going to continue to be a great month.

Firstly I reached 1000 followers on my Pinterest page which was super exciting. Big thank you to everyone who has followed me. If you missed my post I wrote the other day about my different pinterest boards please take a look here HERE.

Secondly, super big news..... I RELAUNCHED MY FACEBOOK PAGE!

I have not run my Facebook page for a long time so am super excited to relaunch! I would love if some of you were to pop over to my Facebook page and say hello! The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/thedorothydays

Thirdly, and probably the MOST exciting news...you know the news that I couldn't tell you all yet?! Well, it was that I have been working on a whole new range of items for my shop AND working on a new way to photograph my products. I wanted to make my photographs more consistent as previous I had been using different backgrounds and trying different styles. I am super pleased with how they have come out and have also re-photographed some of the items already in my shop so that the shop looks a lot more uniform.

A before and after photograph showing my improved (I hope!) shop photography.

Here are some of my new products and also the new shop photography. What do you all think ? I hope you like them and please keep checking back in my shop as I am adding even more new listings.
Thank you so much for all your support and for reading my blog too.

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