Thursday, 7 May 2015

Memories of our holiday to Cornwall

Hello everyone,

Today I was looking back at some of the photos from my holiday to Cornwall. I went in February and had such a lovely time. We stayed in the most beautiful house overlooking a bay and spent the time catching up with friends and family and just relaxing and switching off for a few days. The bay was really quiet at this time of year so it was lovely to go down there with the dogs and get some sea air!

I found these photos of the dogs on the beach and couldn't resist sharing them. I love how happy and excited both of them look and how covered in sand Rufus got! He couldn't believe his luck that not only did he get to run and dig in the sand but also that he had a playmate! It was less fun getting him in the car and taking him back to the house as his fluffy coat seems to just absorb sand and of course he only decides to shake once he has got home and into the house!

Rufus on the beach
Boo on the beach
Hopefully I might get to go to Cornwall again next year. It is such a beautiful part of the country and I particularly like it in the colder months when it is less busy.

Hope these photos of two very happy dogs have made you smile as much as they did me!

The Dorothy Days


  1. So lovely to find you here, very cute dogs as well :) I love Cornwall, my best friend lives there so I go as much as I can. xx

  2. Thanks so much Steffie :) Cornwall is beautiful, I wish I could get down there more often!

    Hope that you enjoyed reading my blog and thank you for your comment, very much appreciated


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