Thursday, 22 March 2012

Feature Thursday- Vivid

Hi everyone,
Wow this week has gone quickly!! Have had a great week but also a very hectic one. One of my tea cups was featured by Etsy on their newsletter which gets sent around called Etsy Find. The newsletter has a huge following as it is the official Etsy newsletter and so my views for one little tea cup shot up to over 1000 in just one day!!! Spent the afternoon dancing around my flat with a huge grin on my face and I still can't quite believe it is real and it has made my week. Thank you to everyone who bought something this week and to everyone who took a look in my shop and favourited things :). Please click here to take a look at the newsletter that my little cup was featured in. 

Today is feature Thursday and I have such a beautiful shop to feature. I am really excited to share with you this week Vivid, an Etsy shop run by a creative duo from Scotland. Here is the interview I had with them....

Please tell me a little bit about Vivid and how you got started?

Vivid are a design couple who live in Edinburgh, Scotland. We met while we were working in an advertising agency but we found we just didn't fit the mold there as we were a little bit 'too different'. We started making stuff together a couple of years ago to fill the gaps for things we needed in our lives but could never quite get our hands on. It's only been in the past year or so that we've started taking it more seriously with our blog and shop because it turns out we're not the only people who like the things that we do!

Vivid have a very unique look, please can you tell me about what your create and your style?
We class what we do as creating curiosities as our products are all about showing off your hipster geek and kicking it old school. We would rather spend our spare time writing letters than updating our status on Facebook so making pencils and stationery with a nerdy twist came naturally. We love being different and standing out from the crowd and think that it is really important to sprinkle your uniqueness throughout your daily life. It's the little things that make us smile and getting the chance to work on that daily has got to be the best job in the word!

What is your inspiration for your shop and products?
We are big fans of anything kitsch and vintage so use that for inspiration. A lot of our work is based on double entendres which comes from getting the banter with our friends so we would have to include them too!

Why should people take a look at your shop?
Unlike many Etsy shops we sell a wide variety of treasures. We sell our own illustrations and photographs, engraved pencils and note pads, cards and badges, lunch bags and tote bags and our range is still growing. Many of our works have stories behind them which we like share in our listings to give people a glimpse into our little world.

Tell us something unique and quirky about yourselves?
No one knows who we are yet but it is something we are planning to share in the near future. Being represented by a double headed piggy bank seems to distress some people :S hee hee!

Where can people find you?

Visit our blog at
Find us on twitter!/VividPlease
And visit our shop at

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the feature Thursday this week.
The Dorothy Days

Carry your sandwiches in style with this cool cupcake lunch bag!

This totes bag with its classic design is beautiful!

I love the old typewriter design on this stationary set. 

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  1. Yay! We loved being interviewed :D thank you so much for having us!

    For all you The Dorothy Days fans, you can read all about her here:

    Pop the kettle on :) and have a happy thursday!

    Vivid xx


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