Saturday, 10 March 2012

Featured Etsy Shop- andwhatelseisthere

For those of you wondering where my Thursday's featured shop blog post has got to, I have been feeling rather poorly this week so had a little time off to recover and get myself feeling better :). Feeling much better now so here is my 'Lets all pretend its Thursday' feature#!!!

I have a beautiful shop to feature this week to make up for the lateness of the post. andwhatelseisthere is a shop run by a group of four friends who get together to make, sell and model for their clothing brand. They sell vintage and also tailor made clothing and their clothing is just lovely :)! They have been running since 2009 and have been really successful, even getting a feature in Marie Claire! Their photography is also absolutely beautiful :)

Here are a little selection of some of my favourite items from their shop:

Please be sure to take a look at their shop. They have some really unique items.

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