Sunday, 29 April 2012

29th April- 1 year since the Royal Wedding!

Well I can't believe its been a whole year since the royal wedding, big events like this seem to mark out time and make you think of how quickly it has flown by. Also makes me think how much nicer the weather was last year as today in England it has been strong winds and heavy rain fall! Last year Britain was celebrating with street parties and tea and cake or heading to London to see the royal couple after they had wed. Was a really great day and I remember crowding around the television watching with friends and family and everyone speculating what kind of dress she was going to wear. She looked absolutely stunning.

Happy anniversary Will and Kate!

Here are a selection of photographs I thought I would share with you all from the royal wedding...enjoy!

Royal Wedding

The Royal Couple via

The Royal Wedding - Apr 2011 - The Other One 
Prince Harry , bridesmaids and young members of the royal family via

Royal Wedding Cake 
Royal wedding themed tea and cake of course very British! Via

Royal Wedding Day in London 
 The Royal Wedding Official Programme via

Royal Wedding
 The British Public
This link has photographs of their first year as a married couple

Hope you enjoyed this blog post
What were your memories from the day ?
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  1. ahh this time last year we were enjoying a nice extra bank holiday! lol!

  2. Would be so nice to have that again wouldn't it !

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