Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Beautiful beautiful London!

This week I took a trip over to London to visit some art galleries, shop and mooch around. Even though I am a country girl at heart I do love the big city and my recent trip to London has made me fall in love with it all over again! I know I am rather bias but London is such a beautiful city and makes me very proud to be British! It was St George's day yesterday (the patron saint of England) which has made me feel rather patriotic and proud to live in England so I thought I would share some photos from my recent trip to London.
Big ben!

Looking towards the Dome from across the park

I also found a lovely video of London on youtube which I thought I would share to give a taster of London to those of you who are reading from outside the U.K and for those of you who have never visited London or England.

For those of you reading this from outside the U.K, I would love to hear all about where you are from and the reasons why you love living where you do. Please leave a comment in the section below and  I shall feature some of the places you live in my blog post next week. If anyone has any photographs of where they live that they would like to share please email them to thedorothydays@hotmail.co.uk and I shall pick the best to be featured here on the blog

Have a great week
The Dorothy Days


  1. I've never been to England, but one of the next big trips I'd like to take is to the British Isles. I live in Baltimore and love my city because of it's history. The area we live in has a lot of old brick row houses and cobblestone streets. It feels almost European sometimes.

  2. I've enjoyed our trips to England, but I believe I like the small towns and countryside better than London. I did enjoy seeing all the standard tourist sights, but I love the green beauty of your countryside.

  3. This makes me miss London. I can't wait to take another Vacation there. Definitely one of the best place I have been.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    New follower from the blog hop.

  4. I've never been to England but would love to go after I see your pix! Thanks for sharing!

    I am now following your blog dear!




  5. Thank you for all the comments :) and I am glad to hear you liked the photographs.

    Heidi- Baltimore sounds lovely, sounds like it has lots of charm.

    Sweet Posy- I shall post some more photographs of the English countryside and of the little countryside towns for you soon :) !

    Mini bag and Cindy- Thanks for visiting from the blog hop :) and thanks for following me.


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