Thursday, 28 June 2012

Preview of my new earrings!

Hi everyone,

I promised in my post about my earrings that I would give you guys who are reading my blog the first preview of my new earrings. Well today I have been working hard at my desk making some of the new pairs of earrings for my shop. I am now covered in glue and have bits of card all over the floor but I am pleased with how they look :).

I thought I would show you the very first pair of earrings from the new design of earrings before they go for sale in my Etsy shop and offline at my craft fair which is coming up soon. I am selling them in little white organza bags so they will be nice to give as gifts :).

Here are my first pair....


What do you all think ? I would love to hear your feedback on them :)

The Dorothy Days


  1. These are really sweet. I love them and I'm sure others will too =)

  2. I love how cute these are, Be sure to come by my blog on Sunday for Linky party!


    1. Thanks Mo :) ! I am away this weekend so not sure I will be able to stop by for the link party. If not I will next week :)


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