Tuesday, 22 January 2013

5 things about today......

5 things about my day.......

  1.  It is snowing again!!!!! Horray! It was raining earlier so I was moaning on Twitter how rain was not nearly as exciting as the snow and then this afternoon snow came....so exciting to see everything in a fresh blanket of white.
  2. I am FINALLY getting to grips with how to use my Instagram account and have got rather addicted to browsing instagram, there are so many pretty photographs on there which I just love. Had great fun today discovering new people to follow on there. 
  3. I managed to burn lots of toast and set off the fire alarm....ooops! Our fire alarm seems to be super sensitive so no amount of wafting a tea towel by the alarm or opening all the windows and doors until you are absolutely freezing would satisfy it and I had to endure its ear piercing sound for at least 10 minutes!!! 
  4. I spent ages playing around on my vintage typewriter. They are so much fun to use and I love the sounds it makes.
  5. I have been looking forwards all day to seeing two of my friends tonight for a girls night in. It is always so nice just to relax, chat and or course drink huge amounts of tea and consume huge amounts of biscuits!!!


  1. 1. Snowing! It must be beautiful but brrrr...cold.
    2. Looking forward to your photos! I don't have an account but maybe one day soon, I will.
    3. I do that all the time. Glad to know I'm not alone!
    4. I miss my old typewriter. I wish I had one!
    5. Have fun tonight!!!!

  2. Yay for snow! We got one day of it here too! I was quite excited! ;-)


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