Saturday, 9 August 2014

Parisian Chic - Style guide by The Dorothy Days

Still can't believe that this time last week I was in beautiful, sunny Paris. I am missing it lots and hope to be back soon. I thought this week I would do a Parisian themed style feature so here is my style guide for sightseeing in Paris.

Paris Sightseeing; WHAT TO WEAR

Black top with pleated sleeves to stay cool in the heat but is also more stylish than a tank top.

Go bold with print for the skirt (and you could even go bold with colour here too)

Brown bag - don't go tempted to take too big a bag or you will have to lug it around all day. Instead take something which is large enough for everything you need and has flexibility in how you wear it. I love that this one can be turned into a satchel, stylish but also practical and keeps all your things safe if you are travelling on the metro or in crowded areas.

Flats for the day time for when you are seeing the sights, maybe a pair of brown leather sandals  and then dress this outfit up and transform it into an evening outfit with some black platforms and accessories with some bling!
Pack and Go: Paris

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