Thursday, 30 July 2015

3 Wedding dress looks that I am loving this week

Hello everyone,

So wedding season is in full swing and one of my family friends has just had the most beautiful wedding out in Thailand on the beach. It looks incredible! She wore a stunning dress. It was understated and totally beautiful with a beaded front and low back with criss cross strap. It was really different to any of the wedding dresses I had seen before so got me thinking about different wedding styles and dresses.

Here are my top 3 wedding dress styles I am loving this week.

1) Retro Tropical 

When you think of weddings, retro tropical is probably not a style that springs to mind but how perfect is this wedding look? I am totally in love with that dip dye dress. It has such a pretty lace sweetheart style back and looks like a modern twist on a vintage style dress in style and then you get to that bright orange dip dye which is just amazing. It was dip dyed by hand as well. It sounds like it really shouldn't work but it so does! I love the tropical look from the flowers to the pineapple wedding stationary and the groom's outfit is pretty cool too!

Amber Gress Photography/  via Buzzfeed 

2) The Two Piece

Less formal wedding dresses are big this season. Separates have been a huge trend generally and are now being seen in bridal wear too. I love this two piece wedding dress which I found on it was handmade by Candice Lee in Australia

Candice Lee Bridal - on

3) Non- white wedding dresses

When I think of weddings I usually think of something quite traditional; the bride wearing a white wedding dress and it set in a church. People are now thinking of lots of alternative venues for their weddings and breaking with tradition so why not break with tradition with your wedding dress too and instead of choose white go for something with colour and pattern. I am totally in love with these dresses by Marchesa. 

Photo Credit - Marchesa 

This dress is bridal in shape but anything but traditional with the colours and pattern. I love the 'floaty' look of this dress and it would make a beautiful wedding dress.
A black dress is probably the last thing you would think of when thinking of a wedding dress but this dress is AMAZING. I have fallen totally in love with it and it would look incredible. 

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