Tuesday, 21 July 2015

5 Minute Etsy Shop Improvements - Add your location to your shop

Hello everyone,

I hope that you have all been enjoying my 5 minute Etsy shop improvement series so far. Today I wanted to share with you how to add the location of your shop to your profile.

Why should I add my location?

Lots of buyers like shopping locally for various different reasons including that they like to support local businesses or often because they need something fast for example I often get lots of local customers buying my wedding tags because they need them quickly.

Etsy have a feature which means you can shop by shop location. This could be as broad as 'United Kingdom' or buyers can narrow the search down to their local town/ city.

If you don't have your shop location listed, buyers won't be able to find you using this search feature which could mean you are missing out on lots of customers!

How do I add my shop location?

It is really easy!

1) Log into your Etsy account
2) On the top right of the screen there is the tool bar. Click 'You' (This should have your profile logo) and then 'Account Settings'
3) Once on Account Settings on the left hand side click 'Public Profile' (You may have to retype your login details to access this)
4) There is a box which will say 'City'. If you start typing you will be able to choose from a suggested city to help others find you.
5) Scroll down and hit 'Save Changes'!

You will now appear on Etsy local search. If you have chosen a city for example if I had chosen London. It will say 'London, England, United Kingdom' this will mean you will also come up for sellers choosing to search United Kingdom sellers


Do not delete the bit it automatically adds after your city as this will mean buyers who search more broadly (U.K rather than a city) will not be able to find you.

Thanks for reading!

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