Saturday, 11 July 2015

Style Saturday - Travelling for him - Stylish but practical


Lots of you are off on your holidays (vacations) at the moment. I have received lots of tweets from you all telling me about some of the amazing places you are off to (I am very jealous!).  So for today's Style Saturday I wanted to do a travel/ holiday related post but thought for a change I would do a men's style saturday post. I recently went away with my partner who travels frequently. Whilst I was at the check in gate frantically searching my handbag for my passport and trying to remember where I had put my iPad for security he had everything organised and sorted!

He would love this collection. There is a place for everything down to a clip for your cables and a place to store your pen but it is also very stylish. I remember when we used to travel as children my mum would take a big plastic expanding folder with all the passports and boarding cards and essentials in. It made everything so much easier at the airport so this is like the 'grown up' stylish version whist still be super practical.

When traveling guide for him

This would be perfect for your holidays but also if you frequently fly. I like how the slots for different things would also jog your memory and make you remember to pick up all your cables, cards, phone etc as there is nothing worse than getting to the airport and realising you have forgotten something really crucial! The passport covers are also great if there are more than one of your travelling (perhaps as a family) so you can immediately identify whose is whose rather than frantically flicking through trying to find the photos! The headphone are a must for killing time without annoying other passengers as there is only so much walking around duty free that you can do! The suitcase is....well a suitcase....practical but not particularly beautiful! We found that if you check your luggage in that if you choose a black or brown suitcase you might want to tie something bright coloured onto the case as EVERYONE seems to have a black or brown bag! That way you can see straight away when it comes round the conveyor belt.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Would love to hear if you are off on your holidays and where you are going. Please let me know in the comments section below!

The Dorothy Days X

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