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5 minute Etsy shop improvements- review your packaging

Hello everyone,

Hope you have been having a great week so far. Today for my 5 minute Etsy shop tips I wanted to talk packaging. My apologies for this being up late. I have been working on a new collection for my shop which is taking up most of my time at the moment. Will still be blogging as much as possible though :)


Packaging is super important when running an Etsy shop as all orders that you make are sent through the post so it must be both functional and protective but also appealing to your customer.

I realise that reviewing your packaging is more than a 5 minute task (depending on what your current packaging is like) but why not take 5 minutes out your day to sit down with a pen and paper and start 'brainstorming' your ideas and start thinking about your current packaging and how you can improve it.

Things to think about, some questions to ask yourself and some things to consider....

*What is your packaging currently like? What do you like about it? What do you think could do with improving?


Does your packaging provide good protection for your item? Could you make it better?

- You might want to think about packing nuggets, bubble wrap, gift boxes, air pockets, foam, cardboard tubes and hard backed envelopes and high quality envelopes which do not rip easily and stick securely.

If you sell something like art work or prints do you also have something to protect it from getting wet?

-A plastic sleeve for example. I have never had a package which got wet but of course the postal staff work in all weathers so even a few drops of rain on a parcel could go through and smudge an ink.

Does your packaging stop the item from bending?

If you are selling clothing then this wouldn't matter but if you were selling artwork it would.

Hard backed envelopes work well.

Have you protected the package's weakest areas?

I normally find that the corners and joins of the box are the weakest so put extra tape on there and extra padding in each of the corners incase the box gets knocked.

Is your handwriting clear enough to read or would it be better to print your postage labels?

Personally I like to handwrite every single postage label because it adds more of a personal touch but if you feel your handwriting isn't very clear or you are stressing about getting the spelling correct or having a lot of labels to write you might want to print the postage labels instead.

Packaging costs - Does your packaging mean you go into another postage band? Is your packaging too expensive?

It is important to think about the cost of packaging as well as if it protects and if it looks nice. As well as thinking about the actual cost of all the 'parts' (ribbon, packaging nuggets, wrapping paper etc) you also need to keep in mind if the cost of actually posting the item will increase if you change your packaging. For example if it makes your parcel much heavier or bulkier it might have an effect.

You can get leaflets at the post office or look on the website for the different weight and sizing categories. Factor this into your decision about different packaging. It is a fine line between making the parcel look amazing and keeping the cost of postage low for your customers.

Aesthetic (the fun bit!)

Your creativity doesn't have to end with the product you have made. Why not extend your creativity to the packaging of the product. I have seen some amazingly creative and original ways which Etsy sellers package their items so think outside the box and make your packaging memorable.

Thank you note

In each of my packages I always include a little handwritten thank you note to my buyer. It is a nice personal touch and lets your customer know that you really value their custom.

Gift wrapping

Make the parcel a joy to open and a great way to do this is to gift wrap the items. This might be in a gift box, wrapping paper, tissue paper etc. This is something I do for The Dorothy Days for my customers and it makes it easier for them if they are giving it as a gift or just as a nice treat for themselves. If I am gift wrapping with paper I will often leave one side not taped down so that the person buying can have a look at the item before giving it as a gift so they don't have to re-wrap it.

Does it fit with your branding?

If your brand is fun and bright then make your packaging fun and bright. If your brand is more minimalist jewellery then maybe you would want to use a single colour for your gift wrapping. If you have branded stickers, business cards, a postcard with your details on etc you should also include these in the wrapping


Everyone loves a little surprise in the parcel so it is sometimes nice to add in something to make the customer smile. Maybe some branded stickers or a coupon for their next order. I have seen some sellers put in sweets. Get creative! This is not a must have but is a nice extra touch

Extra Tips

Ask yourself....

Does the packaging look appealing as well as protective? Would it be something you would like to receive through the post?

Remember sometimes less is more. If you have a really brightly coloured necklace you might want to put it in more plainly coloured packaging so the product really stands out and the packaging looks smart but isn't the main focus.

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