Thursday, 6 August 2015

5 vines which are making me smile this week...

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you all some vines which are making me smile this week.

To be honest with you all, I don't often watch vines. They sometimes come up on my Twitter feed and I will sometimes be intrigued and watch one but I don't consciously look for vines to watch. My sister however is totally addicted to watching vines and when she visited me she kept showing me different ones she had been watching or I would find her manically laughing at the computer screen so I started watching more vines this week and now I am a complete convert and an also addicted!

Here are some of the vines which are making me smile this week. 

The videos are a few seconds long and will play without sound so if you want sound on you will need to click on the lower right hand corner of each video (they are much better with sound on!!) Click again on the video to stop it playing on loop.

#1 - Rob and Pete

Rob from the Youtube video, Beach Please, which I posted up on my blog a few weeks ago (You can view it here if you haven't already) posted this vine a few days ago which made me laugh!

#2 Adorable Dashund

Animals doing silly things are always a winner for me especially when they look this adorable whilst doing it!!

#3 Death from the Shadows

So admittedly I thought that vines were only really for short funny films or clips of animals being silly (which of course I love and can't stop watching!!) but I also found lots of really cool art vines including this one called 'Death from the Shadows'

#4 - Old NASA footage

I love watching science video (super geeky I know!) and space has always fascinated me so I love this vintage clip from NASA.

50 years ago Mariner4 flew by Mars and snapped the first close-up photographs of another planet. Amazing to see how much technology has changed with the recent photographs we have been seeing in the news of Mars

#5 Punch Card

Rather random but also rather hypnotic, the perfect vine?!

Hope you enjoying watching

The Dorothy Days Xx

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