Friday, 15 January 2016

Film Friday - Elsewhere by Stefaan De Croock

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Last week for my Film Friday feature I shared with you all a short animation by Tokyo based artist 'Summer House'(click here to take a look if you missed it). Today I wanted to share with you something totally different; a different 'type' of art, a completely different style of film.

The film shows the construction of Elsewhere, a mural by artist Stefaan De Croock in June 2015 in Mechelen, Antwerp.

Elsewhere is part of a wider project in the town. The town of Mechelen invited 10 artists from all over the world to make works of art on the walls of it's buildings.

Elsewhere is a recycled wood mural built from old doors, wooden planks and furniture which was, fittingly, installed on the side wall of an old furniture factory.

The artist behind the piece is Stefaan De Croock who was born in 1982 and lives and works in Bruges, Belguim. He trained in graphic design and this has a strong influence on his work and artistic vision.

He starts by drawing the basic lines and then his drawing becomes fast, spontaneous and even impulsive.

Photo Credit: Stefaan De Croock 

I think Elsewhere is a amazing work of art and I particularly love the beautiful colours of the painted doors and the different textures of the wood.

Please find more about Stefaan and his work here:

The Dorothy Days X

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