Friday, 22 January 2016

Film Friday - Adults who live in tree houses

Since my childhood I have always wanted a treehouse. My friend when I was younger used to have the most incredible garden. It had a huge pond with a swing seat next to it, big leafy plants that made it feel like you were entering another world, hiding places and dens but best of all....a tree house!

We spent many summers in the tree house making 'Girls Only' clubs, practicing moves to Spice Girls songs, having water fights and extending the tree house to make it even better!

Next to the tree house was a big climbing frame with a slide and we used to be able to turn the climbing frame around so that the slide could be lifted up to the tree house door which meant you could crawl across from the tree house onto the climbing frame and then slide down onto the swing below which we all thought was fantastic!

Nowadays I would still love to have a little tree house. There is something so magical and fun about having one. My dream is to have a big garden with a little tree house at the end with a studio in. How amazing would that be to be up in the trees and working away making my jewellery? Perfectly peaceful and somehow so much more inspiring being that little bit higher up and that little bit nearer to the tree tops!

So far with my Film Friday films in 2016 I have shown you an animation and a short film about the construction of a mural so today I am sharing with you this short documentary film about adults who live in tree houses.

Would you like to live in a tree house or have your very own tree house in your garden?

Would love to hear from you, please leave me a comment in the comments section or tweet me!

The Dorothy Days

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