Saturday, 9 January 2016

Style Saturday - Terrariums

#1 - Faceted Terrarium by West Elm
Photo Credit - West Elm

These geometric terrariums look fantastic when displayed separately or in a collection like shown above. They are available in two different colours; black and gold.

The downside? These beauts are not water tight so are suitable to air mist plants only.

Find them here on West Elm 

#2 Green House Terrarium

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

When you think of terrariums the first thing that springs to your mind probably won't be this greenhouse style terrarium. So, if you want a terrarium which is a little bit different or perhaps you have a more vintage country look to your house rather than modern then this is the terrarium for you! Instead of geometric shapes in metal this terrarium uses vintage style wood.
I am totally in love with this green house terrarium. The shape and style of it reminds me more of a Wardian Case than a terrarium. The Wardian Case was a kind of early terrarium which was invented by Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward (hence the name, Wardian Case). The case was invented in c.1829 in London as a way of transporting plants without them becoming polluted by the smoky city air and as a way to get plants from overseas without them dying before they arrived. 
They soon as become popular within Victorian houses as decoration pieces (and we can see why!)

This terrarium comes in two different sizes and can be found at Pottery Barn 

#3 - Icosidodecahedron terrarium
This terrarium has been beautifully handmade and is available in a variety of sizes and finishes. The terrarium was made by Murat who is a twenty- something year old man from Turkey. He says he " studied psychology and neuroscience but still feed a great interest for crafting, inventing and design". 

Find Murat's beautiful terrarium shop here on Etsy: Waen

#4 - Minimalist Style Terrarium
You can't go wrong with this minimalist style terrarium. It has two compartments so you can make two different collections of plants in one place and it is easy to get into with a little hinged door at the top. If you get bored of having plants in there (not sure why you would!!) it would also look lovely filled with other items such as seashells, candles, pebbles etc.

Find it here at dotandbo
#5 - Terrarium Figures

So you have found your perfect terrarium, now it is time to choose your plants and don't forget your terrarium figures either. You can pick up standard small standing figures for pretty cheap but if you are looking for something a bit more unusual then why not let your imagination run wild and go for something a bit more unusual such as this figure doing a handstand!

There are loads of really cool figures in this Etsy shop which you can find here: 

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!

The Dorothy Days Xx

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