Friday, 1 June 2012

A Friday post- Part 1!

Hello everyone,

Pinch punch first of the month!!! I can't believe that it is the 1st of June already but I am so excited to be enjoying the English summertime. Tonight I am having another BBQ with friends, there is nothing like BBQed food and drinks on a beautiful summers evening. I can't wait.

I feel like I have had a really productive week this week. On Sunday of last week I attended the Vintage Market in Bath at which I have a regular pitch. It is hosted in a beautiful old train station which is a stunning setting to sell vintage. The last train ran here in 1971 when it was owned by Midland railways. The railway is now long gone but the beautiful architecture remains.

It was a scorching hot day so I was rather glad that our pitch was in the cooler side of the train station! The day started at 5am as I live quite far away from Bath and it takes a while to unwrap all my tea cups and vintage glass! The early start was worth it, the stall looked really pretty and it was great to show off some of my new items. I even did a Jubilee style tea party table! Met some wonderful new people and also saw some old faces who are regulars at the market which is always lovely. The market has some beautiful things for sale and I had to resist temptation to buy it all! The lady next door to me was selling the most beautiful vintage clothes which I really had to resist trying them all on!

Here is a photo of the station to show you all what it is like for those of you who have never been. It is so beautiful and such a perfect setting for this event. It makes the art historian in side of me smile!

At the end you can see the famous Bath stone work on the building. via
 Here is the setting for the vintage market, isn't it such a beautiful location ? It makes me smile every time I go. Via

Other news for this week is that I reached 300 followers on Twitter which I am thrilled about. It is really heart warming that so many people want to hear about my shop so thank you for everyone who has followed me. I really appreciate it. I was so excited to reach 300 followers that I checked who was my 300th followers and guess what ?! turns out my 300th follower is an Otter!!! You can take at look at his website here. It is really good and I have just spent ages playing dress otter!

To save this post being the longest post in history I shall start a new one for this week's Feature Friday so you can have TWO blog posts for today.....oh how I spoil you all!!!

The Dorothy Days X


  1. You make me want to sell at that market!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures and I really enjoy reading all your posts.

    Happiness to all.

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments. So glad that you have been enjoying reading my posts, that is so lovely to hear!
    Have a great weekend
    The Dorothy Days

  4. This looks great! And I just love the otter dress up thing- you're right could be addictive! Hope you enjoyed the BBQ!


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