Saturday, 29 September 2012

5 things I love about the countryside....

Hi everyone,

I thought I would do another 5 things blog post so this week. I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful English countryside in a really rural location so this week I am doing 5 things I love about the countryside.

1) You can see the stars and they shine really brightly as everything else is dark around and there isn't so much light pollution. Where I live there are no street lights and the nearest town is about 10 miles away so on a clear night the sky looks incredible.

2) Not having shops or entertainment on your doorstep means you have to find your own entertainment which results in a lot of fun and enjoying the landscape around you. I love going down to the beach or going on a walk through the woods with friends. Means there are no distractions and it is perfect for catching up.

3) Local produce! In the garden we have lovely apples and also other types of fruit but just down the road is a farm who sell the most wonderful local produce in one of their outbuildings. They sell local meat, honey, biscuits, fruit and vegetables, amazing jams etc. There is also a lady who has her own chickens and sells their eggs out the front of her house. The eggs are about as free range as you can get!

4) Community spirit. It is wonderful to see how much of a community there is and how willing they are to help each other out. When our lawnmower broke down and the grass in the garden was getting rather long we had a knock on the door and a neighbour offered to cut the grass for us.

5) Living in such a beautiful area makes me smile nearly every day. It is so quiet and peaceful here and although I love to visit the city and make regular trips to London, it is wonderful to return to the countryside. I can't wait for the leaves on the trees to start changing colour and for us to have the log burner in the evenings.

What do you love most about where you live?

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  1. Terribly un-original: but cannot think of anything else to add to your list - except I live in Wiltshire and think it's better than your lovely part of the world, Sussex! Not that I'm planning a "fight" you understand!

    Just wish it would stop raining, so one can REALLY enjoy this autumn.

    1. Wiltshire is beautiful but I am still in love with beautiful Sussex!!!

  2. What a beautiful place to live! I'm in a rather rural part of the United States in the gorgeous state of Maine. It's fall foliage season here and we had our first wood fire weeks ago. Not for everyone, but I love it! :)

  3. I live in Florida. So, even though the weather is crazy and unpredictable, I love beautiful summer-like days when eveyone else is complaining about it starting to get chilly in other places! The sky was so gorgeous this morning as I drove across the bridge. That's another thing I love about living here. Seeing the way the water looks as the sun shines down on it!

  4. It's so nice when you know exactly where your food comes from. I made and canned some applesauce with some friends the other day and I love it!

    I'm in Oregon now and one of my favorite things currently is the weather here! Fall weather hasn't totally hit us yet, so even though western Oregon is known for its rain, it has been pretty perfect recently!

  5. Hmmm...I loved where I used to live and I'm settled where I live now. Sleeping with the windows wide open, the sound of bull frogs at night, the cool morning air are the things I miss most about my old home. These are the things that I like most about where I now live...
    *I can make a quick trip to the grocery store a couple minutes away.
    *Although traffic is bad, I get to cut off the freeway and reach my home without getting stuck in the really horrendous traffic.
    *I, at least, have a little fenced in back yard for my dog to run around.
    *The inside of our home has a great set-up with lots of space.
    *I have a garden.

    I think I want to move now...Can I come and live with you?

  6. That sounds so amazing! I live in North Carolina right now and my favorite thing is all of the flowers. I've never lived anywhere with so many flowering plants. It's beautiful!

  7. I live in a rural part of California's Gold Country and we are enjoying Indian Summer, still in the 90's here this week and tomorrow is October! I love this time of year, just before the Fall season kicks in. The trees are already turning and things are settling in, with the squirrels bustling about, the birds are especially happy and enjoying the birdbath daily. It is fun to watch them take turns. Mama deer and 2 of her triplets came through the yard last evening, and I am sure #3 was nearby.
    The weather is mild enough that my hubby and I enjoy our back porch in the evenings after sundown.
    I enjoy hearing about your country life too - Life is Good!

  8. I agree with all of your list. I live in Alaska and we have vast wilderness so I can relate to your list. :)

  9. Jealous! I wish I could see the stars that clearly! Sounds lovely :D

  10. i live in northern kentucky, here are my 5 things:
    1.i love the small town feel but also knowing the big city is 5 minutes away
    2.the people are SO nice-you know its a great town when the DMV lets you take 5 pics to choose from for your license
    3. i get to see the stars every night and deer every morning
    4. the rolling hills are gorgeous
    5. i am close to my family-priceless

    1. The DMV lets you take 5 pics and you get to choose?! Gasp!!!


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