Saturday, 22 September 2012

5 things MY FOLLOWERS love about Autumn!

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your lovely comment this week :), has been really nice to read them and I have even had people commenting on some of the older blog posts which is lovely to see that even the older ones are still being read and enjoyed!

Last week I posted 5 things I love about Autumn as I am really excited that Autumn is now here! I asked you guys to tell me what your top 5 things you love about Autumn were as well and I had some lovely replies so I thought I would share them with everyone :).

Jayne from handmadecuties said that her top five favourite things about Autumn were...

1) Thanksgiving celebration with family
2) Refreshing rain
3) Turkey and Pumpkin pie
4) Being home with the kids on school break
5) Autumn colors (wish we had seasonal changes here and I could see the leaves change colors)

Jamie from chatterblossom also shared hers with me:

1. Cool and crisp smells in the air
2. The feeling that everyone around me is getting excited about the holidays
3. Feeling like time is slowing down just a bit into a relaxed calm
4. The smell of cinnamon baking
5. Have hot drinks outside in the cold

An anonymous poster also posted saying:
1. Wearing layers and scarves, gloves, hats and boots.
2. Long walks in the countryside
3. Sitting by a log fire
4. Walking through crunchy leaves!
5. Bonfire night

Really interesting to see what other people like about Autumn and their experiences of Autumn from different places around the world and how that differs from my experience of Autumn in England. For example, I have never ever had pumpkin pie ! I am really intrigued about it.....what does it taste like?!

Thanks again to everyone who shared their top 5 :).

The Dorothy Days X


  1. Autumn is my favorite season! These are all awesome things that our readers have listed. I especially a the walk thru the leaves in the crisp air!

  2. I agree with all of the things listed. Especially the beautiful colors. :)

  3. Dorothy, I too love that it gets cool enough to enjoy a bonfire and I can switch from white wine to red wine. :) Changing leaves bring amazing color in the Carolinas!

  4. Oh my gosh, really?! Never ever had pumpkin pie?! It is soooooo delicious! I need to amend my list to include pumpkin pie now! ;-)

    Have you had sweet potato pie? It tastes a little like that. If not, just imagine heavenly deliciousness and that is what my grandma's pumpkin pie tastes like.

    1. Pumpkin pie is definitely a must eat - especially the fresh homemade kind!

  5. This was a fun posts!!!

    I wish I could spend some time in cool, crisp air wearing layers of clothing. You might find us at the beach, playing in the water to get relief from the humidity.


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