Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Beautiful vintage advert - Vintage slips

Hello everyone,

Trying to blog a little more regularly as I would love to see my blog grow and become more popular and blogging is something I really enjoy doing. I have had a busy few weeks buying more items for the craft and vintage fairs which I have coming up and also making more items for my shop and also for my stall. It has been super busy so I am looking forwards to Easter which I can relax a little.

At the moment I am really into vintage fashion and looking at different clothing which was worn in the past so today I thought I would share with you this beautiful vintage advertisement for a ladies slip. The ad is rather beautiful and doesn't she look so glamorous even in just a slip!?!

Photo credit- Theresa Campbell

Hoping to make posting lovely old vintage photographs, advertisements etc a more regular feature on my blog so please visit back soon to see more :)

Thanks so much for reading,

The Dorothy Days 


  1. Love this photo, so glamorous!

  2. How stunning! I'll make an effort to visit your blog more- have been a bit busy and the cold makes me bad tempered


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