Thursday, 14 March 2013

Super exciting news!

Hello everyone :),

Super exciting news for you all. My blog has been nominated for the little blog awards which is run by Dorset Cereals. Dorset Cereals is a local company which make the yummiest cereals ever. On their website they are asking people to vote for their favourite blog out of the nominations and the best blog will win the title of winner of the blog awards, a little egg cup and some of their delicious cereal.

Would be wonderful to win and a HUGE deal for me and my blog. It would really help me to get The Dorothy Days known about and would help to gain publicity for my little business.

If anyone could spare a few moments to vote I would really really really appreciate it :). To vote you just have to click this link and press to vote or you can click the icon over there --------> which I have put up. The winner will be announced at the end of March and even if I don't win this will be a great way for my blog to gain some more publicity. Each time I get a vote I appear higher up in the leader board so other people will be able to see my blog. For voting you also get entered into a free prize draw to win some cereal for yourself!

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who does vote. I will be so grateful

The Dorothy Days Xxx


  1. I just voted for you and I wish you the best! Good luck!

  2. Just voted for you as well, good luck!

  3. Thank you both so so much. I really appreciate it :)


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