Friday, 29 March 2013

Feature Friday- Bax Cat & Co

Hello everyone,

Hope that you all had a good week and are looking forwards to the Easter break :). Is anyone doing anything nice for Easter?

As today is Friday it is time for another Feature Friday. This week is very a special Feature Friday as I am featuring one of my favourite sellers on Etsy, a lady called Kelly. Her shop is fab and we regularly tweet to each other. She is a really lovely lady and everything a Etsy seller should be :). I also have a sneaky feeling that it is her birthday tomorrow so hopefully this feature will be a nice birthday surprise!!
Happy birthday Kelly :).

Cat lovers you are in for a treat with this Feature Friday article.......

Kelly is from Connecticut and works with her team to produce the best cat toys around.....her team being three beautiful cats called Girlie Pants (Girlie), Zazu and Mr Miyagi. She says ' our feline team happily tests out sample product ideas before it is made for the shop, to ensure cat-isfaction.' !! She runs an Etsy shop called Bax Cat and Co which you can visit if you click this link HERE! Her shop is named after her cat called Baxter a very beautiful black and white cat :).

If your cat is a stylish, fashion conscious kind of cat who won't just play with any old toy this is the shop for you! Kelly makes beautiful cat toys out of funky, stylish materials so your kittys can be the coolest cats around! Here are my favourite items from her shop......

 Kelly has the most photogenic models around!!! Modeled by Mr Miyagi.  Her cat bandana ensures that you have the coolest cat around!

I also couldn't resist featuring this union jack cat mat! 

If you are a cat lover with a stylish cat please be sure to check our Kelly's shop. She regularly posts new designs often with a theme for different seasons or events such as a range for Halloween, St Paddy's day and Spring. All her items also come beautifully wrapped :) Click here to view Kelly's shop 
Happy birthday Kelly, hope that you have a wonderful day and fantastic Easter.

The Dorothy Days Xxx

P.S I shall leave you all with this adorable photo of Mr Miyagi with one of Kelly's newest designs


  1. Kelly is wonderful and so is her shop! My kitties love their owl. Happy Birthday friendy!

    1. :) thanks for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog


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